General Terms and Conditions of Ifolor AG, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

Dear Customer, the ifolor team is delighted that you have decided to entrust us with your images. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you have questions or suggestions or if something has gone wrong with your order please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at

1. These terms apply to all your orders

Please read carefully the following terms and conditions because they apply to all of your orders. By submitting an order in our application or website and clicking “I accept” (or similar) box the customer agrees to the following terms and conditions.

2. Use of Data

For details on the nature and purpose of the processing of data concerning customers by ifolor can be found in our current Privacy Policy. By accepting these general terms and conditions the customer also agrees to the usage of their customer data by ifolor including the usage of cookies and analytical tracking. Customers’ image files will only be used to create the ordered products and will automatically be deleted after completion and at the latest after a period of 30 days.

3. Product range and prices

Our product range is constantly adapted by technical development. Prices and shipping costs may change from time to time. The current product range and prices charged can be seen on our website Discounts, offers, individual agreements and other special actions may affect the prices. All prices include the applicable value added tax. Ifolor reserves the right to price changes and delivery charges.

4. Order process

Customer order is binding after submitting the order to ifolor by pressing appropriate order button (“buy”, “Submit”, or similar) and by completion of the payment process. We confirm the order promptly buy an email to the address specified by the customer. We advise customers to save the email confirmation as a proof of order.

Orders cannot be modified or deleted after submission.

Customers should note that aspect rations of the images will be determined either by the dimensions offered in the product (template) or by the dimensions of their file (digital prints) where the format selected determines the height of the product and the length is determined by the image dimension provided (with limitation as specified by the product descriptions).

Ifolor’s production is highly automated to ensure consistent quality and rapid delivery. Due to this products may be completed and shipped from various product lines at different times. If a single order is divided to several deliveries by ifolor the customer will only be charged delivery costs once.

Ifolor reserves the right not to produce products with illegal content as based by the Laws in Finland or other European Union country.

5. Returns

We offer 14 days return right to our customers if the products are damaged or defective and to receive a replacement without additional charge. This return right does not limit or replace the consumer rights as set by Finland or presiding law.

Return Address:
78460 Konstanz

6. Shipping

We aim to deliver the product to customer at the place of delivery requested in the order. The delivery time is aimed to be 3-4 days from completion of production but exact dates cannot be guaranteed. To the extent permitted by the law ifolor shall not be liable to customer for any losses, liabilities, costs or damages arising out of late delivery.

7. Payment

We offer payment by credit or debit card. Order breakdowns and confirmation is offered in electronic form in an email provided by the customer. In case of withdrawals and chargebacks ifolor is entitled, to the extent permitted by the law, to reimbursement of the associated costs and bank processing fees.

8. Warranty

Ifolor warrants that customer orders are produced with care and with high quality assurance. Customer is entitled for a replacement product in case of technical defect. We ask customers to understand that errors done by the customer, such as mistakes in typing, insufficient image quality or wrong order quantity, or neglecting the warnings on ifolor’s ordering software of possible quality issues cannot be accepted as warranty based complaints.

Complaints/Dispute resolution

The EU Commission has set up an Internet platform (“OS Platform”) to resolve disputes between companies and consumers online. The OS platform can be found at

However, we declare to be neither willing nor obligated to participate in dispute settlement proceedings.Should you therefore not be satisfied with one of our services, please do not hesitate to contact us at

9. Liabilities

Consumers are always entitled to receive reimbursement for defective products as pursuant by the consumer protection provisions.

For intent and gross negligence as well as guaranteed characteristics according to product liability law, ifolor is liable pursuant to the statutory provisions. The same applies for any personal injury. In addition, we adhere to the following rules:

  • If delivery is delayed, our liability is limited to an amount of 10% of the order value (including VAT).

  • Ifolor cannot be held liable for any losses or damages to the digital image files or costs associated to them such as data transfer costs. We recommend customer to always have a backup copy of the material sent.

10. Software

All software provided by ifolor such as mobile applications and Designer software are the property of Ifolor AG or its suppliers and protected by copyright. Customers are granted a non-exclusive license to use and download these software for the purpose of ordering from ifolor. Other commercial and non-commercial use is prohibited. Complete or partial download of not explicitly given free to download content of the web site or software is not permitted without expressed consent of ifolor. All logos, company names, images etc. are legally protected.

Ifolor is under no obligation to disclose the source codes of any software. Reverse engineering / decoding software/source code is prohibited.

11. Third Party Rights

Customers are solely responsible for ensuring they have appropriate rights to the content submitted by them, including copyrights, trademarks and personal rights. Should third parties assert claims against ifolor for infringement of such rights the customer is required to fend off these assets and to assume the costs of defending against these claims and to recover ifolor’s expenses.

12. Applicable law, Jurisdiction and Severability

The existing contract between the customer and ifolor is subject to the laws of England, excluding CISG.

Jurisdiction of all disputes is based on the statutory provisions.

Should one or more provisions of this contract or part of the provision be invalid or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining provision or part of the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall not be affected.

Instead of the invalid or unenforceable provision a legally permissible regulation is considered agreed which corresponds to the purpose of the invalid or unenforceable provision as much as possible. The same applies to omissions and loopholes.

Kreuzlingen, May 2018